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With the opening of our website we are bringing you a revolution to the paint booth parts community. Our website will provide an easy 'click to your booth' approach which will break down the selection of filters you may be looking for.

With tons of booth manufacturers and over 100 individual booths and prep stations you are sure to find yours! And if you don't, our helpful staff will be there to help you find the filters you'll need.

Unlike other websites that sell booth filters you'll get a selection of the filters you want. Do you prefer the cheaper route? Or perhaps you like the top quality filters? You'll get a selection that will meet your needs.

Have booth parts just sitting around your shop taking up space? Are you looking for parts for you booth but don't want to pay top dollar for new parts? Buy and sell used parts here on our website! Fill out an easy forum and send us a few pictures of your product and we'll put it up for you.

New filters and parts find there way onto the site daily. So come back often, and if their is something you want that we don't have, contact us and we will find it for you!

Comments are always welcome. And we'd love to hear what you expect from us!

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